Benefits following an External Share


  • Final Salary Pension Scheme (H age 50, W age 50), H is in the member
  • Normal retirement age in the scheme is age 60
  • CEV=£100,000
  • Accrued pension to H from age 60 = £10,000 p.a.
  • 40% share to W
  • Pension credit granted to W = £100,000 x 40% = £40,000
  • Credit pension fund for W is invested in a personal pension type arrangement say and will grow with investment returns until W’s 60th birthday
  • On reaching age 60 part of W’s fund may be taken as a cash lump sum (often 25% of the fund) with the residual fund being used to provide a pension income either by way of buying an annuity or by opting for pension drawdown.
  • Should an annuity be purchased, W will have the choice as to the rate of increase of the annuity income, whether any minimum payment period will apply, whether to provide additional benefits for a future spouse on death etc.