Meeting the CPD requirements of different professional regulatory bodies

Family Mediation Council (FMC)

Accreditation to the FMC is held for a period of 3 years. In order to be reaccredited at the 3 yearly renewal date, a mediator must provide a completed continuing development record (as included with the reapplication form), which demonstrates that adequate steps have been undertaken to keep up-to date and maintain the ability to practise competently. The record needs to describe (briefly) the activities that were carried out, why these were undertaken (i.e. their relevance to practice), and the benefits to clients and to practice that were gained. Examples of areas in which a mediator should be able to demonstrate keeping up-to-date include “Changes in pensions, benefits and personal taxation”. Continuing development can be achieved through a wide range of means, including attendance at courses. Actuaries for Lawyers Pensions on Divorce seminars will assist an individual in maintaining their continued development with the aim of improving their competence and knowledge in this important area.