Pensions on Divorce – Current issues in 2022

(Recorded on 25 May 2022)

  • Public Sector Pensions changes in 2022.
  • Public Sector Pensions Remedy – latest developments, what you need to know, and the impact on settlement terms.
  • Lifetime Allowance and High Net Worth cases.
  • Pension Freedoms, drawdowns, and SIPPs

Pensions on Divorce Workshop – Best Practice in dealing with pensions on your cases 

(Recorded on 25 May 2022)

  • Offsetting and Partial Offsetting – How might settlement be achieved more efficiently?
  • Fine tuning the letter of instruction to the needs of your client.
  • How to avoid making mistakes with pensions.
  • Which pensions should you share? Decision making and interpreting pensions reports.

Seminar recording Cost
£60 + VAT per attendee for either the morning seminar or the afternoon seminar, or £110 + VAT for both – please email us if you wish to purchase access to the seminar recording.